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Portfolio Monitoring

Kessler Topaz is uniquely situated with the skill, resources, experience, and expertise to guide and assist institutional investors with the identification, evaluation and management of securities class and direct actions and claims anywhere in the world. Through our robust, integrated and comprehensive monitoring, claims filing and legal services, institutional investors have come to rely on Kessler Topaz’s one-stop resource to fulfill all of their fiduciary obligations related to protecting shareholder recoveries. For institutional fiduciaries, monitoring and protecting investments is as important as selecting them. But how do you keep track of a diverse, active, and global securities portfolio without creating a more than full-time job? Our portfolio monitoring services, proprietary SecuritiesTracker program, is the answer. 

Claims Filing

When a case in which you have a financial interest settles or otherwise resolves, we ensure that claims are properly filed and paid.  We will complete and file all necessary proofs of claim, resolve any deficiencies with claims administrators, and ensure that you receive all payments to which you are entitled.

Experienced Counsel

Kessler Topaz is one of the world’s foremost law firms in protecting investors against corporate fraud and other wrongdoing. Our lawyers regularly take on elite defense attorneys—and win—in class actions, direct actions,  shareholder derivative suits, antitrust litigation, and other complex litigation around the globe. We are proud to have recovered billions of dollars for our clients.

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